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Reporting & Services

Frac Shack™ solutions are transitioning the industry away from pure diesel to bi-fuel spreads and are compatible with CNG, LNG, Pipeline Gas, or Field Gas.
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Making Clean-Burning Fuel More Economical

fuel monitoring

24/7 insights & accurate data to ensure full visibility

Powering the Frac is more than just fueling equipment to keep operations moving. By providing real-time fuel monitoring insights, our customers can optimize production and better manage fuel operations and supply chains with accurate consumption and performance reporting, per stage and per pumper.

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Reporting Services

Reporting & Services - Flow Meter

Smarter Data

Each NG line has an individual SICK FLOWSIC500 Meter that uses state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology to capture the consumption data which is compiled in the Customer Portal for easy access and analysis.

Understanding Savings:

  • Analyze substitution rates
  • Determine overall pad fuel costs
  • Calculate GHG emissions
  • Identify performance opportunities

State of the Art System

The Frac Shack system’s hydrostatic sensors and electronic valves ensure that equipment will never be out of fuel, over-fueled, or under-fueled.

  • Maintain fuel at optimal levels
    • Never run out of fuel
    • No under-fueling
    • No over-fueling
  • Monitor fueling
    • Rate of change (auto shutdown)
  • Automated re-fueling
Reporting & Services - Hydrostatic Sensor

Your Fueling Experts

You need the right tools for your operations, and we have the expert support to determine what equipment will fit your needs. From our innovative technology and systems to our oil field support services, we’re committed to helping you reach your fueling, production, and emission goals.

Contact us today to learn more about our package options.
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Work with a dedicated frac fueling company to streamline your fuel delivery process. Book a demo today to explore our innovative solutions and maximize your project's efficiency.

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