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Powering the Frac | First in Automated Refueling

Producers using a Frac Shack solution are leading the changing energy landscape by running the cleanest, safest, and most efficient fueling operation.

Design Benefits

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Safety Advantages

  • No pressurized fuel lines
  • No fire suppression person needed for refueling operations
  • Reduced spills on site
  • Complete removal from hot zone area during fracking
  • Double containment at all key points
  • No splash filling of pumpers, eliminating static buildup
  • Completely grounded and bonded system
  • CSA approved
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Operation Capability

  • Flow rate and volume measurement on every line
  • Complete automation with built-in software logic
  • Filling multiple pumps simultaneously
  • Real-time measurement of all the tanks from the comfort of the Frac Shack™
  • No downtime when fueling
  • Manual or completely automated modes
  • Automatic alarms for underfill and overfill protection
  • Closed system at tank; reduces maintenance costs of fuel systems
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Cost Benefit

  • Reduced on-site staffing and overhead
  • Smaller footprint, increased productivity
  • Reduction of risk and worker activity keeps workers safe
  • Increased fuel storage with double wall tanks and no pressurized fuel lines
  • Total visibility of fueling and flow rates
  • Increase fuel vendor accountability
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Customer Portal

  • 24/7 access to well data and flow rate monitoring
  • Optimize substitution rates in real-time.
  • State and provincial regulatory compliance reporting
  • Calculate GHG emissions

Frac Shack Experience & Customer Service

With a new era of energy comes increased demand for better industrial technology.

Using innovative engineering, Energera's Frac Shack and NG SideKick makes refueling and utilizing field gas safer, cleaner, and more efficient.

Entirely self-contained and self-sufficient, each unit seamlessly integrates into existing systems for fast and simple transitions.
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What Our Customers
Have to Say

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We worked with Frac Shack for years and I never saw any downtime, in fact I didn’t even realize that there could be any downtime associated to auto-fueling until we started to work with other companies.

Liberty Energy
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Adding Frac Shack™ and a zipper manifold on location immediately showed improvement in total stages per day from 5 stages to average of 9 with a record of 12 stages in one 24 hour period.

Sr. Completions Superintendent
Top 3 Producer in North Dakota
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All the (Frac Shack) equipment provided and inspected by our fire and safety experts was proof that this type of technology is a new step in being able to reduce the risk of injury, property damage and environmental events associated in hot re-fueling.

Randy Arkinstall, HSE&SD
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Since we began working with Frac Shack, we have noticed our "horsepowers" running stronger. We no longer need to replace fuel filters between scheduled maintenance and, we no longer need to replace horsepower on the pad.

Christopher "Red" Gilbert, RealTree Crew Mechanic
Williston, ND Halliburton
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The operational efficiencies of Frac Shack™ extend to the fuel provider as well. The ability to provide larger timed deliveries as opposed to tying up standby assets enables us to offer discounted fuel and services to Frac Shack™ customers vs. traditional standby frac sites with no risk to service quality or reliability.

Jason Burger
Rolfson Oil
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After we stopped using Frac Shack, within 2 months we had to completely purge our fuel tanks and replace all filters due to sediment.

District Manager
Major Pressure Pumping Company in North Dakota
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Great to see continued innovation from Frac Shack providing efficiency and safety as the forefront of the service.

Trevor Gorchynski, Division Manager – Pressure Pumping Services
Schlumberger Canada Ltd.
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I really like the fact that the Wellevator can allow multiple people working at the wellhead at the same time. Because of the hand rails and solid platform, no one needs to be tied off.

Marc Sampietro
Crest Consultants
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The Frac Shack system increases the efficiency of our crew, has had a major positive impact on our safety record and has almost eliminated the environmental risk due to spills.

Rob Montgomery, (Former) President, Canadian Division
Calfrac Well Services Ltd.
Frac Shack Logo Stacked 5.webp

Frac Shack has put safety and the environment at the top of their list. This system is truly innovative and, quite frankly, is the best available practice I have encountered.

S. Hanelt, CFEI, CVFI, SCO Fire Investigator / Inspector
Safety Boss Inc.
Frac Shack Logo Stacked 11.webp

The nice thing about Frac Shack’s service and their fueling system is that you don’t have to worry about it. It is just like a light switch, you know it is there and that it will be reliable.

Brad Olearain
Brad Olearain, Completions Consultant
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Frac Shack Experience & Customer Service

ISO certification validates a business's fulfillment of requirements relating to quality process standards as defined by the International Standards Organization (ISO).

  • ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems (QMS)
  • ISO 45001: Occupational Health and Safety Standard
  • ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

Our Core Values

Our purpose is to be a leader in a world where energy is affordable, plentiful, and available, with far less environmental impact.
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