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Design Benefits

Frac Shack’s technologically advanced refueling system introduces a greater level of safety on the work site.


Safety Advantages

  • No fire suppression person needed for refuelling operations
  • Reduced spill issues on site
  • No one in the dangerous hot zone area during fracking
  • Reduced cost burden for WCB claims due to noise, fuel splashes, fire, slips, trips and falls
  • No pressurized fuel lines
  • Double containment at all key points
  • No splash filling of pumpers, eliminating static buildup
  • Completely grounded and bonded system
  • CSA approved


Operation Capability

  • Filling multiple pumps simultaneously
  • Real-time measurement of all the tanks from the comfort of the Frac Shack™
  • No slowing down or stopping for fuelling
  • Fuel management through a metering system; we can order fuel with more accuracy
  • Fast mob and demobilization, allowing pumpers to travel with less than full tanks; reduces roadside spills due to overfull tank on uneven ground
  • Fuel tracking per stage
  • Manual or completely automated modes
  • Tank level monitoring every 5 seconds wirelessly from anywhere on site – including off site
  • Safety alarms for under fill and over fill protection either turning on the pump or off as needed automatically
  • Pump protection sensor
  • Closed system at tank; reduces maintenance costs of fuel systems


Cost Benefit Analysis

  • Traditional fuelling: requires up to two trucks and four workers per shift. Frac Shack™ reduces cost and risk.
  • Traditional fuelling: If there are NO workers allowed in the hot zone, then work must stop for refuelling. Frac Shack™ increases productivity.
  • Manual refuelling by service companies: Frac Shack™ reduces the number of workers per shift.
  • Frac Shack™: pumpers can be parked closer, thus reducing the overall foot print on the lease
  • WCB savings: reduction of risk and worker activity keeps workers safer
  • Fuel Storage: double wall tanks with no pressurized fuel lines

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