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To reduce significantly the refuelling health and safety and environmental risk to people, equipment, and the project itself, FSI has designed, manufactured and patented a modular Frac Shack™ fuel delivery system.

Our Frac Shack™ technology makes it possible to remove workers from the hot zone and eliminates atmospheric fuel spraying on the frac pad, while ensuring environmental protection during the hot fuelling process. Since introducing the Frac Shack™, managers using this technology have reported a saving of 1 to 2 hours a day in production down time and the elimination of refuelling stress. Also, reducing the number of employees to management refuelling during a frac.

With the Frac Shack™, existing intake systems require no retro fitting. The plug-and-play design replaces the fuel cap and controls all aspects of refuelling the pumper systems. This system allows hot refuelling on the frac pad without the intense danger of fuel spray near the hot equipment. Benefits of this system include:

• Wireless remote fuel level monitoring on every tank, in real time
• Metered fuel consumption information for each frac, and for each unit with newer Frac Shack™ models
• Manual or completely automated operation
• No pressurized fuel lines
• Skid-Mounted or Trailer-Mounted units to best suit the needs of the location
• Completely self sufficient; including onboard generator, and climate control for the operator area
• Each Frac Shack™ is integrated on a spill containment skid
• External lighting illuminates the area around the Frac Shack™
• No slow down or stopping to refuel pumpers, blenders, sand units, or many other pieces of equipment on site
• No retrofitting required for existing pumper tanks