At Frac Shack, we take service seriously. After all, it’s the benchmark of our business, and providing safe refuelling services requires a great attention to our clients. That’s why our service policy is like no other…

Our Vision:  To be the international leader in completions fuel distribution technology by combining technical advancement and operational expertise.
• Continuous Refuelling
• Remote Fuel Monitoring
• Reliable Onpad Fuel Distribution
• On-pad Fuel Storage
• Fuel Usage Reporting
• Strategic Partnership for Procurement, Transportation, and Logistics.

We are efficiency experts, building workflow and safety into every aspect of our service. We can and do eliminate the worry and stress of on pad fuel logistics:
• Efficient
• Reliable
• Customizable
• Innovative
• Professional
• Cooperative
• Integrated with the On-pad Team

Our Mission:  We continually strive to provide the most advanced systems for completions fuel distribution, through uncompromising safety and training standards, the best available technology, a clear focus on environmental integrity and service excellence.