SafetyPage2Frac Shack introduces an unparalleled level of safety onto the frac pad, bringing innovation and new technologies that make the workplace better for employees and the environment.

Is Frac Shack Safe? Independent Safety Audit Summer 2010 by Safety BOSS:
“Through visual inspection, and by review of numerous codes, Industry Recommended Practice(s) and/or Best Available Practice(s). It is the writer’s opinion that (FSI) modular refueling system, meets the requirements of a Class 1 / Division 2 rating for the refueling (hot refueling) of vehicles in remote hazardous job applications. It is the writer’s opinion that (FSI) have put safety and environment at the top of their list. The system is truly innovative in a lot of regards and quite frankly is the Best Available Practice I have encountered.

Respectfully Submitted,

S. Hanelt, CFEI, CVFI 14185-7274v
Safety BOSS Inc.
SCO Fire Investigator/Inspector Designation #S111859

Is Frac Shack Efficient?
“The Frac Shack™ system increases the efficiency of our crew, has had a major positive impact on our safety record and has almost eliminated the environmental risk due to spills”

Kindest regards,

Rob Montgomery
President, Canadian Division
Calfrac Well Services Ltd

Is Frac Shack Economical?
“I wanted to let you know that during the recent fracing operations at Nexen Dilly Creek where we had your personnel and equipment on site, we were more than pleased on the performance of the equipment and personnel. All the ….equipment provided and inspected by our fire and safety experts was proof that this new type of …. technology is a new step in being able to reduce the risk of injury, property damage and environmental events associated in hot re-fuelling.”


Randy Arkinstall
Nexen HSE&SD

Frac Shack eliminates the risks of employee injuries or fatalities by keeping everyone out of the Hot Zone. The Frac Shack system can and does eliminate risks associated with hot fuelling by offering these safety features:

• No pressurized lines at the pumpers.
• No one in the dangerous hot zone area during fracking
• Closed system at tank with overfill tube into catch pail
• No spills or splash during fill
• Fuel tube down into tank reducing splashing and static build up
• Frac Shack™ is mounted on a spill containment skid, further protecting from unintended release of fuel
• Avoid roadside spills due to overfull tank
• Fully automatic operation from inside the comfort and safety of the Shack
• Pump protection sensor
• Safety alarms for under fill and over fill protection
• External lighting illuminates the area around the Frac Shack™ reducing likelihood of slips, trips and falls
• Well trained professional operators to run each Frac Shack
• Operator area is enclosed, ventilated and heated; reducing foot traffic on the pad
• Completely grounded system
• CSA Approved.