Frac Shack is a technologically advanced refueling system that introduces a greater level of safety on the work site. Here are some of the benefits of the Frac Shack system.

Safety Advantages

1. No fire suppression person needed for refuelling operations
2. Reduced spill issues on site
3. No one in the dangerous hot zone area during fracking
4. Reduced cost burden for WCB claims due to noise, fuel splashes, fire, slips, trips and falls
5. No pressurized fuel lines
6. Double containment at all key points
7. No splash filling of pumpers, eliminating static buildup
8. Completely grounded and bonded system
9. CSA approved

Operation Capability

1. Filling multiple pumps simultaneously
2. Real-time measurement of all the tanks from the comfort of the Frac Shack™
3. No slowing down or stopping for fuelling
4. Fuel management through a metering system;  we can order fuel with more accuracy
5. Fast mob and demobilization, allowing pumpers to travel with less than full tanks; reduces roadside spills due to overfull tank on uneven ground
6. Fuel tracking per stage
7. Manual or completely automated modes
8. Tank level monitoring every 5 seconds wirelessly from anywhere on site – including off site
9. Safety alarms for under fill and over fill protection either turning on the pump or off as needed automatically
10. Pump protection sensor
11. Closed system at tank; reduces maintenance costs of fuel systems

Cost Benefit Analysis

1. Traditional fuelling: requires up to two trucks and four workers per shift. Frac Shack™ reduces cost and risk.
2. Traditional fuelling: If there are NO workers allowed in the hot zone, then work must stop for refuelling. Frac Shack™ increases productivity.
3. Manual refuelling by service companies: Frac Shack™ reduces the number of workers per shift.
4. Frac Shack™: pumpers can be parked closer, thus reducing the overall foot print on the lease
5. WCB savings: reduction of risk and worker activity keeps workers safer
6. Fuel Storage: double wall tanks with no pressurized fuel lines