Frac Shack is an efficient, safe, and economical tool for managing fuel use and refuelling on the pad. This page shares publications and testimonials about Frac Shack from across the Oil and Gas industry.


“The nice thing about Frac Shack’s service and their fueling system is that you don’t have to worry about it.  It is just like a light switch, you know it is there and that it will be reliable.”

– Brad Olearain
Completions Consultant
Hildreth Well Service, LLC


“(FSI) have put safety and the environment at the top of their list. This system is truly innovative and, quite frankly, is the best available practice I have encountered.”

– S. Hanelt, CFEI, CVFI
SCO Fire Investigator/Inspector
Safety Boss Inc.


“The Frac Shack™ system increases the efficiency of our crew, has had a major positive impact on our safety record and has almost eliminated the environmental risk due to spills.”

– Rob Montgomery
(Former) President, Canadian Division
Calfrac Well Services Ltd.


“Great to see continued innovation from (Frac Shack™) providing efficiency and safety as the forefront of the service”

– Trevor Gorchynski
Division Manager – Pressure Pumping Services
Schlumberger Canada Ltd.



“Adding Frac Shack™ and a zipper manifold on location immediately showed improvement in total stages per day from 5 stages to average of 9 with a record of 12 stages in one 24 hour period.”

Sr. Completions Superintendent
(Top 3 Producer in North Dakota)



“All the (Frac Shack™) equipment provided and inspected by our fire and safety experts was proof that this new type of….technology is a new step in being able to reduce the risk of injury, property damage and environmental events associated in hot re-fuelling.”

– Randy Arkinstall



“Since we began working with Frac Shack™ 6 months ago, we have noticed ourhorsepowers” running stronger. We no longer need to replace fuel filters between scheduled maintenance. And, we no longer need to replace horsepower on the pad”

– Christopher “Red” Gilbert
RealTree Crew Mechanic, Williston, ND



“After we stopped using Frac Shack™, within 2 months we had to completely purge our fuel tanks and replace all filters due to sediment.”

– District Manager
(Major Pressure Pumping Company in North Dakota)



“The operational efficiencies of Frac Shack™ extend to the fuel provider as well.  The ability to provide larger timed deliveries as opposed to tying up standby assets enables us to offer discounted fuel and services to Frac Shack™ customers vs. traditional standby frac sites with no risk to service quality or reliability.”

– Jason Burger
Rolfson Oil



Daily Oil Bulletin – April 20th, 2015:  Frac Shack Introduces First Bi-Fuel Distribution Unit For Hydraulic Fracturing

New Technology Magazine – April 17th, 2015: Frac Shack Introduces First Bi-Fuel Distribution Unit for Hydraulic Fracturing

Published in Pipeline News North, Alberta and British Columbia’s oil and gas industry’s newsletter, Todd Van Vliet explains how the Frac Shack idea was born and how the technology is redefining frac pad safety. Click here to read Better Safe than Sorry | Pipeline News North