Welcome to the Frac Shack FAQ, where common questions and answers can be found. Scroll down to see what people are wanting to know about Frac Shack.

How much diesel does a Frac Shack™ hold?
Our earlier units are accompanied by a 20,000 L (5,000 gal.)  day tank, while the newer models have a 30,000 L (7,900 gal.) day tank. We also have auxiliary tanks available that each hold 20,000 L (5,000 gal.) of diesel.

Can I use both clear and dyed diesel?
The Frac Shack™ incorporates a fuel manifold design, which means that only one type of fuel can be dispensed through each unit. However, we are able to provide onsite fuel trailers that can supplement the Frac Shack™ with additional fuel distribution; this has been a great option for clear diesel service for a number of our clients.

How many units can a Frac Shack™ fuel?
Our earliest models are equipped with 10 fuel lines, while our more recently manufactured units have 12 fuel lines. It’s important to remember that multiple Frac Shack™ units can be utilized on a single project to fuel even more pieces of equipment.

Who operates the Frac Shack™?
Every Frac Shack™ is accompanied by our own skilled and trained operators. Our field leads are familiar with frac operations and can be a great resource when planning where to locate our equipment for optimum results.

Where have the Frac Shack™ units been used?
We have put the Frac Shack™ to work on projects from Pennsylvania, USA to Northern British Columbia, Canada; and have worked on projects with numerous oil and gas producers and service companies.

How long have you been in business?
The very first Frac Shack™ went to work in 2010, and we’ve grown rapidly since then. Today we have units working in Alberta, British Columbia, North Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania.