Efficiency is our mandate, and Frac Shack™ delivers tangible results. By offering flow meters, monitoring fuel levels, and analytical processes to deliver raw real-time data, Frac Shack™ is able to provide accurate fuel consumption data. Data that is used to improve efficiency immediately at the work site.

Does Frac Shack™ Work?
“I wanted to let you know that during the recent fracking operations at Nexen Dilly Creek where we had your personnel and equipment on site, we were more than pleased on the performance of the equipment and personnel. All the … equipment provided and inspected by our fire and safety experts was proof that this new type of … technology is a new step in being able to reduce the risk of injury, property damage and environmental events associated in hot re-fuelling.”


Randy Arkinstall, Nexen HSE & SD\

Is Frac Shack™ Efficient?

“The Frac Shack™ system increases the efficiency of our crew, has had a major positive impact on our safety record and has almost eliminated the environmental risk due to spills.”

Kindest regards,

Rob Montgomery, President, Canadian Division
Calfrac Well Services Ltd.


Frac Shack™ offers revolutionary efficiency features to any frac pad:

• Capable of fuelling multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously.[picture of multi lines]
• Able to see all the fuel tank levels from the comfort of the Frac Shack™ [screen shot]
• Never slowing down or stopping operations for fuelling, saving 2 to 3 hours downtime per day
• Fuel tracking per frac
• Fuel management through a metered system; we can order fuel with more accuracy, and provide consumption information for each unit through frac operations, to assist with performance, maintenance and service requirements. [pic inside frac]
• Manual or completely automated modes
• Ability to run two shacks with one generator from 60 meters (200 feet)
• Fuel tank level monitoring every 5 seconds wirelessly from anywhere on or off site
• Safety alarms for under-fill and over-fill protection, automatically turning on or off the pump as needed
• Well trained, professional operators to run each Frac Shack™
• Pump protection sensor
• Grounded system
• CSA approved