CostEffectivePageThe Frac Shack system is unique in that it remains cost effective without compromising safety or efficiency. In fact, improved safety and efficiency are ultimately what drive increased savings for our clients.

Studies show that one Frac Shack system can save up to 10% of the time required on a frac site due to eliminating slow downs and down time for refuelling. That directly translates into a more cost effective work site. Frac Shack also offers savings in these areas:

• Reduced number of employees required for refuelling.
• Reduced pad footprint by allowing pumpers to be parked closer. 
• Reduce or eliminate costs associated with remediation of spills from traditional methods of refuelling, by reducing risks of spills with double wall diesel storage tanks and no pressurized fuel lines.
• No need to construct retention solutions around diesel storage tanks.
• Can effectively reduce the cost burden for WCB claims for noise, fuel splashes, fire, slips, trips, and falls.
• Run two Frac Shacks™ on one generator, 24 hours per day.
• No fire suppression person required for refuelling activities.
• Individual fuel metering system to each pumper will identify usage, providing indicators for maintenance or servicing requirements, obtaining optimum performance from your equipment (D Series only).

Inquire today about how Frac Shack’s customized systems can offer your work site increased performance and efficiency without compromising safety.